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Angie has studied and teaches many styles of yoga and meditation including yin yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin meditation, prenatal movement, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and iRest Yoga Nidra. Angie has over 2000 hours of training and is skilled at crafting an individualized practice for you.

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Angie Corogin

Online Yin Yoga, Qi Gong & Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Online yoga classes do not limit our ability to practice with complete heartfulness. Zoom in from where ever you are in the world. 

Yin Yoga is a practice that focuses on stretching the deep connective tissue of the body through a slow-moving, intentional practice. We hold floor-based postures for extended periods of time to impact the deeper tissues in the body.

Qi Gong is a flowing practice connecting to our own mind, body, and breath.  This practice cultivates focus, attention, interest, and a deep sense of wisdom as you tap into the body and mind and allow stillness to expand and contract.

No previous experience necessary.

Landscape Yoga in the garden

Yoga in the Garden at GardenView Flower Farm

Upcoming Dates: June 30th

Join Angie at GardenView Flowers, our local fresh flower farm, for an exquisite in-nature experience. GardenView is located between Grand Rapids and Waterville along the scenic Maumee River.

We will practice yoga and qigong in the garden, a one-hour, all-levels welcome class and then you will have after-hours access to custom select and cut your own bouquet of flowers (with a vase) to take home and enjoy for the next week or more.

Your investment is $30 per session for class and UPick or $18 for class only.
Registration and payment is required before the event. Sign-up is below.

or, purchase a CLASS pass:

"Angie is such an outstanding and remarkable yoga instructor, her background as an educator and her intelligence puts her in a category beyond most. She instinctively knows when to breakdown skills, when to speed class up, and makes all feel the need and want to keep trying. I'm so glad that she is part of my life!"

- Martha F., Ed.D.
Adjunct University Instructor/LeadMentor

"I have been taking Angie's classes for seven years, she quickly became a trusted mentor to me due to her skill, knowledge and passion. Angie is incredibly intuitive, she can read the pulse of the class and adjust her plan to fit the skill and energy level of the participants. Angie always comes to the table with an open mind, a willingness to listen, and treats everyone with compassion and respect. Angie is a woman I admire greatly and knowing her has enriched my life.

- Rosie M.
Reflexologist, Certified Acutonics Sound Practitioner

Angie"I definitely recommend attending Angie’s classes, I leave class feeling renewed every time. She is very good about catering to both beginners and seasoned yogi's. She also includes acupressure points in class which has helped me focus on different areas I've needed relief. Her classes leave me feeling refreshed both in body and mind."

- Angie G.
Logistics Coordinator

"I recommend a class with Angie if anyone has any stress, body pain and or emotional issues. I have been doing yoga for over 20 years and Angie is one of my absolute favorite teachers. I don't feel quite right if I miss a class. It is super cool how she has united our class to be able to grow and learn together. Angie was able to take our classes on Zoom during this covid19 time, and I am so grateful for that!"

- Deb H.
Business Owner, Transportation Industry

"I have been taking classes with Angie for the past 8 years. I find her to be a wonderful teacher, friend and human being. Her wealth of knowledge goes far beyond yoga instruction. I seek out her classes because I know I will find thoughtful, positive information as well as excellent instruction. As a Clinical Counselor, I often use Mindfulness Based Interventions in my work, and I am delighted that Angie has chosen to become certified through Brown University's program on Mindfulness. I can wholeheartedly recommend Angie as a teacher, a mindfulness coach, and a Yoga instructor par excellence."

- Dr. Ellen A.
Clinical Counselor

"Angie is, by far, a favorite teacher of mine. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a class or one on one, somehow Angie has the ability to know just what you need. She is able to interpret the feelings that come from that and bring insight to those she teaches. Working with Angie has improved my life by helping me have a better understanding of my body and mind and with her guidance I have learned to be more accepting and aware of who I am. She has also helped me understand how my body may not work like everyone else’s, and that is ok."

- Beth W.
Registered Nurse