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Create a Custom Wellness Program For Your School

Why teach mindfulness in schools?

This flexible mindset coaching program can transform your entire school culture by addressing classroom behavior and allowing students to develop self-management techniques. The practice of mindfulness is proven to reduce or eliminate violence, inappropriate behaviors and bullying by allowing students to develop appropriate skills to verbalize and internalize their needs. Students are taught practices to alter their ways of thinking and behaving and how to create resiliency and compassion. Angie teaches techniques to improve student focus, overall wellbeing and an effect of this is overall improvement in student performance. Angie provides training to teachers, classes for students and ongoing support to schools as they need it!

I would love to help you build a custom Wellness Program for your school! Contact me today to start the discussion!

ANGIE COROGIN, Mindfulness Educator & School Wellness Consultant

Angie Corogin School Consultant

Angie is a teacher's teacher at heart. She is passionate about impacting the lives of educators as a former classroom teacher herself. She has 12 years of public education experience both as a teacher and a teacher mentor. She currently works with traditional district schools, charter schools, private schools, and Montessori schools. Angie has been teaching yoga and mindfulness to children, adolescents and adults for the past 9 years.

Angie has a B.S. in Environmental Education and her M.Ed. in Intervention Services. She is an endorsed Reading Specialist and is highly qualified in all 5 content areas. Angie is ERYT200 and has over 1500 hours of yoga training including, yoga for athletes, kids yoga, trauma sensitive yoga, and more. She co-owns Movementality Yoga & Wellness Studio located in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Angie is also a Mindfulness Educator working with schools across the state of Ohio. She is a current student at Brown University, she is studying Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Angie is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and works with private clients virtually and in-person.

She lives on the Maumee river and enjoys gardening, traveling, reading, yoga, kayaking, keeping chickens, adventuring with her husband and Border Collie, Syd. She currently serves as a Wood County Court Appointed Advocate/Guardian at Litem and is passionate about this volunteer work with at-risk youth. 

"I am a nervous and anxious person. Yoga and meditation both helped me learn how to calm myself down when I am stressed. Yoga was really fun and also helped me to be calmer and more focused throughout the rest of the day."

- Nicole, AWHS

"Laying on the floor and simply imagining my favorite place is always the most calming to me. Before class, I am usually very stressed about other classes and tests, but by the end of our session I no longer feel stressed."

- Katie, BGHS

"You taught me that yoga is a lot tougher than it looks. You also taught me how to use my patience. I need to be more patient and this helps."

-Dominic, BGHS

"My back feels so much better since I started practicing yoga! I work a lot and never stretched before I met you, and now I know that it is so helpful and eases pain in my body."

- Hayley, BGHS

"I love meditation and yoga class!! It is so nice to take a break from the pressures of school! When we do the practice, it makes my day. It helps so much!"

- Nada, CMS

"When you talked about how much you care for our mental health, it made me so happy. Yoga and mindfulness helped expand my mind and body, it really helped me connect the two things together. I felt like a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Ive been doing yoga and meditation now on my own, thanks to you!"

- McKenzie, BGHS

"I regularly fall asleep in my classes throughout the day, but doing morning yoga helps me stay awake and attentive in class all day long!"

- Sara, BGHS

"High school is very stressful and being able to relax for one period is so nice. I really like having yoga and mindfulness during the school day, it helps me stay focused and less stressed all day long. I love when we do the visualization activity, it is so crazy how realistic it always feels. I am able to fully imagine the sights and sounds and the smell of the place. And I know how to do this now on my own!!"

- Kaitlyn, BGHS

school consultant programs
Angie Corogin School Consultant
school wellness consultant programs
Angie Corogin School Consultant
school wellness consultant programs

When teachers change, CLASSROOMS transform. When classrooms transform, SCHOOL CULTURE shifts. When school climate improves, HOME LIFE changes. When home life changes, OUR WHOLE WORLD starts to look very different.

one person. one shift, can change everything.

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