The purpose of these practices are to connect to your body with alertness & notice sensations that you are feeling without judgement. Body Scans can feel like a rinse for the nervous system and an invitation to bring soft awareness to your body and sensations as they come and go.

This meditation is offered as a way to come home to the innate qualities of stability, centering,  strength, and of feeling steady. This practice is accessible in any posture, while standing or sitting tall is encouraged.

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UPCOMING: Mindfulness Based Meditations

Each week I will share a 30 minute practice with the Insight Community. Please join me! This app connects people worldwide, thousands, literally!! Check out Insight Timer to learn more about this weeks specific theme for our practice together. Possible themes are; Loving Kindness, Body Scans, Open Awareness, Breathwork, and more.
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Discover MBSR with Angie!

If you've enjoyed the meditations and guided relaxations found above, I encourage you to consider joining an upcoming MBSR course. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a highly effective, 8-week group program which teaches participants to practice mindfulness.

Designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center 40 years ago and extensively researched, this program can help you recognize how stress affects your life and teach you ways to manage it. Underpinnings of the programs teach participants the practices of mindful movement, eating, walking and how to maintain states of mindful living.