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Crafting signature programs centered around the values of mindful living, being present, balance, and personal development, Angie can help your team experience growth together, and as individuals. When you bring Angie in to work with your corporate or community group or team she will share practical and researched-based techniques with your group or team to help build group synchronization, mindful living and support in making healthy decisions to reduce the impact of stress within all aspects of life.

Angie has worked with a wide range of professions ranging from professional athletic organizations, higher-education institutes, non-profit organizations, farms, small private practices, and large school systems.

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"Angie Corogin is amazing at her craft of helping people to connect with themselves in meaningful ways that benefit their emotional, mental, and physical health. Angie conducted numerous sessions with our company and team, leading 20 to 25 individuals at a time. She taught and led them on how to be more connected to their mind and body through mindfulness meditation, and how to be mindful in their eating.

Her classes were well-planned and thought out and they flowed very well for everyone who participated. Our team spoke very highly of her impact on them after her sessions concluded. We look forward to more sessions with Angie and I would be happy to recommend her to more individuals and companies to contribute to the overall health and wellness in their lives."

- TeriAnn T.
CEO, Organixx

"I had the opportunity to meet Angie through a local community holistic group and I am so very thankful that I did. Originally, I met with Angie via phone as I was in need of nutritional support from a holistic and natural perspective. After an incredible conversation I inquired if Angie would be willing to share her practice with my company as we were planning an 8 week health and wellness challenge called, "LIVE IT". Angie quickly jumped at the opportunity and WOWED our entire team with her energy, demeanor, ability to educate and personality were an outstanding representation of the holistic community. She truly is an expert in her space. We hope to have Angie return for continuing education and mindful meditation! Thank you, Angie!'

- Shannon K.
Talent Manager, Organixx

"My large group of student athletes and coaches thoroughly enjoyed the research and experiential content Angie shared around the subject of mindfulness specific to athletes. Angie gave our athletes tangible tools that can help ground, center, and enhance performance both on and off the soccer field.  Angie is knowledgeable in active recovery, mindful movement, stress and its effects and anxiety and depression. Her ability to connect through a virtual space was incredible and I’m sure her work is amplified in person."

- Lindsay B.
Founder, Competitive Edge Institute

"I am excited to use some of these mindfulness strategies with my students and with my team! I loved the stretching exercises we learned in PD, I really needed it and didn't even realize it.  I will definitely be incorporating strategies we learned in multiple areas of my life. Thank you so much for the practical mindfulness tips, literally, I CAN do this."

- Jen M.
Ohio Department of Ed, Teacher Leadership Summit participant
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