Health Coaching Programs

Integrative Health Coaching Program with Angie

Angie can help you set goals that define your purpose and help you manage healthy living.  Angie specializes in metabolism recovery nutritional programming and coaches through the lens of bioindividuality, we are all different. Angie utilizes current research-based strategies, nutritional goal setting, combined with mindfulness & movement practices to offer a program that allows for long-standing lifestyle shifts.

Making the choice to invest in your health can change every single aspect of your life and it all starts with this first step,  the acknowledgment that you want a better life, restored health, and a plan to maintain healthy living.

We can work together to design a custom program that helps you accomplish your health and wellness goals.

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Areas of focus during our work together may include:

  • Stress reduction practices
  • Nutrition plans
  • Movement routines
  • Chronic pain management via mindfulness, acupoint treatment & tapping
  • Anxiety management strategies
  • Increasing pleasure, creativity, & joy
  • Formal & informal mindfulness practices
  • Resilience building
  • Breathwork
  • Acupoint self-treatment
  • Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)
  • Releasing trapped emotions
  • Reducing environmental toxic exposure
  • Defining passion & purpose

If you feel curious about what health coaching could do for you, book your complimentary discovery call today.

"I was having a hard time articulating what I wanted my work and personal life to look like and as a result of working with Angie I feel a sense of purpose around what I am pursuing. Her program has brought a lot of clarity as to why I want to do what I do, what my service means to myself and others, and ultimately reminded me of what kind of life I want to embody. The daily practices have rooted me in the bigger picture of persistence and action, while staying present in the process. I feel so focused and aligned with what I want to offer, and I am intentionally choosing paths that feel right in my gut and are in service to others."

- Lexie M.

"I was new to yoga, when I went to Angie's class, I knew she was different. There was a connection immediately. As soon as I left the class I sent her a private message and told her how her class had touched me emotionally. Something told me I was supposed to be in that class that day to meet her and I am so grateful because Angie helped me to get through extremely difficult times in my life.

I learned a lot about myself while working with Angie. I learned how to handle situations that I wasn’t handling very well before. We discussed important areas of my wellbeing including everything from yoga, meditation, rest, nutrition, and resources, and books. Angie has the best library. Life has been a lot better after my program with Angie. This mindset program was a life-changing JOURNEY to a better me that I couldn't have done without Angie as my teacher and coach.

- Amy S.
Production/Business Owner

Angie’s coaching program changed my relationship with stress and fear. I was seriously drowning in every single area of my life. Meeting Angie came at just the right time. She helped me believe in myself and leave a job that wasn't working for me anymore. I was able to step into my own work with her support and landed my first client within 3 weeks. I knew I could do it but it was only once I hired Angie as my mindset and business coach that I was able to DO IT! Facing your fears is a real thing and Angie has this way of taking you through it without suffering. I didnt know letting go could be this easy. Thank you forever and ever.

Fully committed to offering her gifts & talents, Angie responds to the moment, she is kind, quick and committed to deep service to those hurting, lonely, lost or anxious, that was me. She has changed my life.

- Elena M
Marketing Director

"I would definitely recommend Angie as your mindset coach! She invites open conversations to question your self-limiting beliefs, you face your relationship with fear, control, and shame as she walks alongside you. We did deep inner work, that clarified my bigger why. Which has been able to expand a lot of new opportunities. Working with Angie has shifted my mindset in a way that I am able to see with clarity and can seek the most aligned opportunities for myself. Angie helped me to believe in myself, the work I do, and the people I do it for. It's the why that matters, and she helped me remember that."

- Lexie M.

"I have never felt more heard than when I was working with Angie. She is an all-around mindset, business and wellness coach and was more than ready to help me dive into my body, my mind and my emotions to help me find healing from the inside out. Between dealing with my stress and negative self-talk, helping me balance my hormones with movement and nutrition and increase my productivity with self-care exercises, she has all the answers.

Through working with Angie I have been able to streamline my systems in place, and become what I never fully believed I was: a successful coach myself! Angie has helped me scale my business to consistent 5 figure months all while maintaining my health (& sanity!) I could not recommend a better equipped wellness coach to help you get healthy, love and trust yourself and again and through all of that, scale your business. I have gained insight into my being, found clarity in my intuition and know that I would not have been able to get where I am without the help of Angie. I could not recommend her coaching services more!"

- Gabby D.
Exercise and Movement Specialist, RYT, LMT
Angie Corogin Wellness Coach
Angie Corogin Wellness Coach
Angie Corogin Wellness Coach