ANGIE COROGIN, Mindfulness Educator & Certified Health Coach

I teach a fusion of all that I have lived and learned. I have over 2000 hours of study in yoga, qigong, breathwork, trauma-sensitive somatic practices, and ten years of experience working with virtual, charter, and district schools.

I thrive when working with schools teaching practices that you can integrate into an average day to drastically;
-increase well-being,
-decrease burnout,
-improve readiness to learn,
-inspire motivation, hope, and health,
-offer tangible solutions for stress management.

"Angie has worked with  our entire staff and students for two and half years and we are so pleased with the outcomes. We have students reminding other students to breathe, and our teachers are always asking for more PD with Angie."

"We hired Angie to educate our company on holistic health practices, stress-reduction techniques, and varying mindfulness-based learning subjects and we got so much more! She has taught our team for over a year now and is the most highly requested provider/presenter we have. Not only does Angie educate with the utmost professionalism, she is detailed, thorough and an absolute joy to learn from! Angie has played a critical role in supporting our mission of, “Empowering You Organically.”  Angie is client-oriented, possess fantastic presentation skills, has a special "spark" about her, works autonomously and is commensurate professional that adds value to those around her. "


Angie has an active Ohio Intervention Specialist license. She has worked with students of all ages and has coached K-12 General Education and Special Education Teachers. She believes that the future of our collective well-being is powerfully impacted by the work and service of our schools and teachers.

Angie has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry spanning roles from T-Ball Coach to Therapy Center Director, and currently a Health Coach with the Cleveland Clinic. Angie has owned a yoga studio for 10 years and is the owner & founder of the new Wildlight Wellness in Grand Rapids, Ohio (opening in 2022).

Angie has a B.S. in Environmental Education and her M.Ed. in Intervention Services. She is a Qigong teacher and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT500). She has over 2000 hours of yoga training including; yoga for athletes, kids yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga, mindfulness, strength-building, prenatal, and more. Angie is a Certified Tension & Trauma Release (TRE) Provider. Angie is currently studying with David Elliott learning about healing through breathwork.

Angie is a Level Two Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor, she received her training from Brown University Mindfulness Center. She is a Mindfulness Educator working with schools across the state (virtually and in-person), with corporations, teaches public classes, and works with private clients. Angie is a  Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and offers sessions both virtually and in person. She has completed Nutritional Science Certification with Stanford University. Angie is a contributing member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA) and with Yoga Alliance as a Continuing Education Provider. She teaches Mindfulness as a Graduate Level course with Ashland University.

She lives on the Maumee River and enjoys gardening (herbs are the best), practicing yoga and qigong, exploring new recipes, kayaking, traveling with her husband and dogs, and keeping up with her flock of chickens. She currently serves as a Wood County Court Appointed Advocate/ Guardian at Litem and is passionate about this volunteer work with at-risk youth.

Join Angie on Insight Timer for FREE meditations

Join Angie on Insight Timer for free meditations!